Our Work

We work with children’s services - social care, youth justice, education and health - in England and Wales, with central government departments, and with a wide range of voluntary organisations.

Although our current work reflects the changing themes and concerns in children’s services, our approach and our aims stay the same – to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable children.

Research briefing – the cost benefits of Early Intervention

A research briefing for local authority councillors summarising the key research findings, good practice and policy developments in relation to early intervention and its potential cost benefits.

Research in Practice

Change Project: Analysis and Critical Thinking in Assessment

Working alongside managers and practitioners, we developed and piloted a set of evidence-informed resources and approaches to promote analysis and critical thinking in assessment.

Commissioned by Research in Practice

Case Study workshops – for practitioners, supervisors and first-line managers

We offer popular case study workshops where practitioners across children’s services develop clear needs-led, outcome-focused plans for children and families they are currently working with. Strategic managers have found the approach valuable in developing their Ofsted and Munro Implementation Plans.

Commissioned by various local authorities

Action learning sets – for middle and senior managers

These facilitate an analytical approach as the basis for assessment, planning and review; in supporting leadership skills and team working; and as the basis for implementing change, including recommendations from the Munro Review.

Commissioned by various local authorities

Case Reviews and independent assessments

When we carry out these independent overviews of cases causing concern to local authorities we ensure they can act as a learning opportunity for practitioners across the organisation.

Commissioned by various local authorities

Health and Well-being Strategy – for children and young people involved in the youth justice system

Preparation of commissioning guidance to improve access to relevant health services for children and young people in contact with Youth Offending Teams in the community and those held in secure settings. This was development work arising from the cross-Government strategy, Healthy Children, Safer Communities, launched in December 2009.

Commissioned by Department of Health

Children in secure accommodation

An analysis of the needs of a group of children admitted to secure accommodation in one local area, to understand how such admissions might be reduced in future.

Commissioned by Cumbria County Council

Assessment skills and analysis

Delivery of workshops for team managers, using case material to develop analytical skills in assessment.

Commissioned by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Coaching programme for practitioners to improve assessment skills

A series of workshops for teams and individual practitioners to introduce a needs-based outcome-focused approach to analysing practitioners’ cases.

Commissioned by various local authorities

Assessment skills and analysis

Delivery of workshops for all front line social work staff and their managers using case material to develop analytical skills in assessment.

Commissioned by: Monmouthshire County Council with the Social Service Improvement Agency