Our Work

We work with children’s services - social care, youth justice, education and health - in England and Wales, with central government departments, and with a wide range of voluntary organisations.

Although our current work reflects the changing themes and concerns in children’s services, our approach and our aims stay the same – to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable children.

Improving outcomes for vulnerable young people, including those who go missing

Two commissions: the first in relation to children aged 12 or over who go missing from home or care, and the second in relation to young people identified as highly vulnerable. Including a multi-agency audit of need and workshops with the multi-agency team of professionals working with the young people. To improve the Local Safeguarding Board’s understanding of the needs of the children, identify the services available to meet the needs, and use the analytical assessment framework with local practitioners as a tool for assessing the needs of individual young people and developing plans that can be delivered on a multi-agency basis. Many children were identified as being at risk of sexual exploitation and the work helped the Board understand the extent and underlying causes of the problem in their area.

London Borough of Croydon

Review of FGC service

A desktop review of the local authority’s Family Group Conference service, to provide information about its impact, set in the context of national and international research findings about the use of FGCs.

London Borough of Islington

Review of fostering services

A review of the fostering service, commissioned to inform decision making by senior managers about the structure and organisation of the service, with particular focus on the recruitment of new foster carers and the supervision and support provided to approved carers.

London Borough of Enfield

Formulating Pathway Plan

Working with a young woman in residential care to help her understand her mother’s history, her own history and how decisions have been made about her life. Then working with the young woman and all those involved in her life, including her mother and residential workers, to formulate a pathway plan that focused on her pressing need to understand her relationship with her family and with others and to manage relationships safely.

London Borough of Southwark

Care proceedings project evaluation

Evaluating the impact of the Bi-Borough Care Proceedings Project in its second year.

London Boroughs of Camden and Islington

Adoption Consortium development

A review of the structure and operation of the Consortium, to ensure that its aims were realistic, achievable and challenging enough at a time of considerable scrutiny of adoption services, and to help members establish joint priorities and effective joint commissioning of services.

West London Adoption Consortium

Recruitment of adoptive parents

Assessing the viability of establishing a joint recruitment team across the six local authorities in the North London Adoption Consortium. Including an analysis of recruitment activity in each authority, identification of challenges and opportunities of a joint recruitment team, and a report with recommendations and a proposed action plan for running a joint team as a one-year pilot. Followed by a review of the team eight months into the pilot, with options for the future.

Commissioned by NLAC

Adoption Consortium development

Consultation with members of the Consortium and a review of their current activity, to make a proposal about future development of the Consortium to present to Assistant Directors of the six local authorities and four VAAs involved.

South London Adoption Consortium

Post-adoption support

A scoping review of post-adoption support services across the Consortium of six local authorities, with recommendations for options for achieving greater consistency in the offer of services while maintaining the high standard of support available. 

Commissioned by North London Adoption Consortium

Assessment and care management and the Family Justice Review

A series of national workshops about how current policy changes, including the Munro Review and the Family Justice Reforms, seek to improve the effectiveness of care planning. Participants applied the analytical assessment framework to their own cases, to evidence sound analysis and robust, research-based plans, as required by the revised Public Law Outline.

Research in Practice