After FDAC: outcomes 5 years later. Final report. (December 2016) Lancaster University

A study comparing the outcomes for up to five years after the end of care proceedings for children and parents who had been through either FDAC (140 families) or ordinary proceedings (100 families).


Problem solving in court: current practice in FDACs in England. Final report. (December 2016) Lancaster University

A study exploring how FDAC judges in 46 hearings used time in court to motivate and encourage FDAC parents to change their lifestyle.

Family Drug and Alcohol (FDAC) research

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  • the 2 final reports above (Dec 2016)
  • summary findings about outcomes and court practice (Sept 2016)
  • earlier studies of FDAC in London (May 2014 and May 2011)
  • the feasibility of establishing FDAC (May 2006).